Sedation Dentistry – Chanhassen, MN

Overcome Your Dental Worries

For many, completing necessary dental treatments can feel nearly impossible because of anxiety or fear. Whether you had a negative experience with a previous dentist, you’re nervous about pain, or you gag easily, sedation dentistry can help you overcome your dental worries and receive the care you need for a healthy smile. If anxiety has made you struggle to get dental care, call Dentistry on the Ponds today to learn how you could benefit from sedation dentistry!

Why Choose Dentistry on the Ponds for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Advanced Dental Technology for Comfortable, Safe Treatments
  • Gentle Dental Team That Puts Your Needs First
  • Painless Numbing Injections with The Wand™

Oral Conscious Sedation

Patients with moderate to severe levels of dental anxiety can enjoy a relaxing experience with oral conscious sedation. This sedative is given through a pill that you take a certain amount of time before your procedure. By the time we begin, you should feel so deeply at-ease that your treatment should be easy to complete. You’ll remain awake, but you might not remember much of the procedure. The sedative’s effects can linger, so arrange for someone to transport you to and from our office.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

For mild cases of anxiety, nitrous oxide is an effective and fast-acting way of soothing your nerves. We administer this clear, odorless gas (sometimes called “laughing gas”) through a mask worn over your nose during your procedure. You’ll feel relaxed almost immediately, and once we’re finished and the mask is removed, the sedative’s effects should dissipate just as quickly as they came on. So, you should be able to drive yourself back to work or home afterward.