Curodont™ — Chanhassen, MN

The Pain-Free, Non-Invasive Cavity Treatment

Cavities are one of the most common oral health problems in the world. In fact, most people will experience dental decay at least once at some point in their life. At Dentistry on the Ponds, our goal is to spot the early signs of cavities so we can address them non-invasively with Curodont, a pain-free, highly effective treatment to remineralize and strengthen teeth. Because there’s no intimidating dental tools involved or injections, this method of treating cavities is an excellent option for those with dental anxiety as well as children.

Why Choose Dentist on the Ponds for Curodont™ Cavity Treatment?

  • Treat Early Cavities Without Discomfort
  • Naturally Refortify Dental Enamel
  • Great for Children & Adults Alike

How Does Curodont™ Work?

beads of water dropping down on a tooth

Instead of simply filling cavities, Curodont works to repair eroded enamel, which is one of the first signs of cavities. In this short chairside procedure, dentists will place a liquid onto the affected teeth that will attract calcium, phosphate, and other minerals found in the saliva to help rebuild and restrengthen the surface of teeth over the course of three to six months. For the best results, we’ll likely recommend receiving the treatment again at your next checkup and cleaning.

With Curodont, you won’t have to undergo a lengthy filling procedure that requires buffing out and altering your dental structure. Simply sit back, relax, and let Curodont’s science-backed design improve your oral health and prevent any small issues from becoming worse.

Who is a Good Candidate for Curodont™?

a young child brushing their teeth

Curodont is an excellent dental treatment for patients of all ages, especially children who may not feel comfortable receiving a traditional filling due to the sounds and feelings of the treatment. We typically recommend this preventive procedure for those who are experiencing early signs of enamel erosion and decay, as it’s not suitable for patients with more drastic signs of decay. At your checkup and cleaning, our team will assess your oral health and let you know whether Curodont is an option in your situation.

The Benefits of Curodont™

a dentist showing a patient their X-rays

Curodont offers a wide range of benefits over traditional fillings as well as fluoride treatments by themselves, such as:

  • Strengthened Enamel: In addition to repairing eroded enamel, Curodont also fortifies and strengthens your teeth, making them less susceptible to cavities in the future.
  • Non-Invasive Treatment: No dental tools are necessary in this procedure, making it more comfortable for those with anxiety or fear surrounding treatments.
  • Pain-Free: Because no tools will be utilized, there’s no need for injections either, leading to a completely painless treatment.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Visible results can be achieved within three to six months!